Web Site Design & Development.

We have large number of people who are working for web design. Our web site design team is able to work any type of dynamic website. We have few members who are expert in flash. Our team also able to make any kind of e-commerce base website. We also work in static website. [...]

Success in RMG & Textile and ERP sectors.

From the beginning of logic software limited, thought that, our company will stay with only ERP solution in RMG & Textile sectors. But from our client end we got lots of request to make their own application on different sector, like buying house process control, in house web portal for technical help, in house transport maintenance etc.[...]

Service - Business counsaltancy.

Logic software limited is fast growing business firms that experienced in business consultancy support. Though we are in the market since 2010, but we have a some experience people who are in the market last 20 years. [...]